What is Hands Down?

Hands Down is a small project started by an L.A. based makeup artist. Using this formula in her makeup kit for over 7 years, she decided it was time to share it with you!

Where is Hands Down made?

Hands Down Hand Refresher is designed, mixed and bottled in Los Angeles. We keep production small and local to maintain control over the quality of our product. 

Can you ship to me?

Please see our Shipping + Returns below or click here

How can you use Hands Down Refresher?

Hands Down can be used as a refresher in many ways. It is perfect as a hand spray, room and bathroom freshener, yoga mat cleanser and travel spray.  Anytime you want a fresh smell with some antibacterial qualities, use your Hands Down!

What is in Hands Down Refreshers?

 Our simple combination is the perfect formula to refresh, treat and care for your hands. 70% Isopropyl is effective at disinfecting and is used in most hand sanitizers and wound cleaning products. However, it is harsh on the skin and causes dryness. That is why we added in 99% Aloe gel. This counteracts the drying agents from the alcohol to leave your hands feeling fresh and hydrated.  We also added vitamin A, C, and E to retain elasticity, boost collagen, and heal irritation. Finally our essential oils, lavender, lemongrass, and clove are specifically chosen due to their refreshing scents and antibacterial qualities. This combination of four simple, natural ingredients creates a hand refresher that cleans and softens hands.